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MM-W® MultiMaterial-Welding

MultiMaterial-Welding® (in short MM-W®) method consists of using fastening elements to connect materials by using ultrasonic vibration to create friction that rapidly melts the connecting elements, but only at precisely defined narrow regions, creating a strong mechanical form-fit connection after a very fast solidification.

The MM-W® connection method can be manually or automatically carried out, achieving a total time of less than one second. The reduced process time, together with the process simplicity and reliability, offer an ideal replacement for many currently employed connection methods.

Additionally, the MM-W® technology platform includes SmartSolutions, a remote monitoring and parametrization optimization service, which is aligned with the principles of Industry 4.0.

The MM-W® technology originated from the WoodWelding® technology, which has been in use for years not only in woodworking but also in surgery, and now we make it available for transportation industry.




  • Very fast: Process times of less than 1 second. Ideal replacement for adhesives with long curing times
  • Significantly stronger: Connections achieve higher resistance than equivalent alternatives
  • Simple: Can be used without surface preparation, additional gluing, pre-positioning for tolerance compensation and in some cases without pre-drilling
  • Clean: No additional materials or pre-treatment of surfaces is required. No waste is produced
  • Flexible: Not limitation to rotational symmetric parts. Diversity of connection element shapes
  • Smart Monitoring: Allows optimum parametrization through statistical check, and remote assistance
  • Integrated: Integration into functional parts possible
  • Proven technology: Similar applications are already successfully implemented in other industry sectors (i.e. medicine, furniture, etc.)



    MM-W is different than the current ultrasonic vibration applications, which do not include fastening elements for mechanical form-lock connections, and therefore the applications range is different. The ideal application of this technology is connection of fibrous and porous materials, which are widely used for interiors design of vehicles, such as:

    • structural fibrous layers
    • lightweight combined materials
    • foam materials (polyurethane, etc.)
    • insulation structures / heat shield structures
    • combined layers with natural and glass fibers
    • sandwich structures
    • parcel shelf structures
    • lining materials
    • class-A surfaces
    • plastic-metal connections
    • incompatible plastic-plastic connections

    MM-W® technology portfolio

    LiteWWeightTM Core

    LiteWWeight™ Pin

    Connection solutions for lightweight sandwich boards, honeycomb structured materials, foamed structured materials, or other porous materials.


    Connection solutions for lightweight fibrous materials with thick or thin cross sections, insulation layers with metallic sheet, fixation of velcro elements, etc.

    more MM-W Products: coming soon!


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