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Huck® fasteners apart from specially-conceived rivet solutions are primarily used in the transport industry, in railway vehicles, buses and lorry manufacture, in trailers, semi-trailers, containers and frame construction, all sectors in which high specifications are demanded of components and material.


  • High vibration resistance
  • Ideally-conceived permanent blind rivet connections
  • Deformation-free connections without damaging surfaces
  • Corrosion effectively combated
  • Range of tools for quick and easy assembly


Huck® - structural blind fasteners

Huck® structural blind fasteners are the masters of these extremely demanding specifications due to their enormous shear strength and high tensile strength. Even large components can be permanently joined without deformation.


  • Various designs of head and mandrel
  • Various materials


  • Assembly tools included in range
Huck - lock bolts

Huck® – lock bolts

The two-part fastening system, comprising bolt and collar, makes possible installation within seconds, with a simple and immediate visual check. The collar is swaged into the grooves in the bolt, which ensures a permanent and vibration-resistant connection.


  • Various materials and versions are available


  • Assembly tools included in range
Huck BobTail - lock bolts

Huck BobTail® - lock bolts

The Huck BobTail® lock bolts enable simple connections of extremely high strength to be made. Unlike previous lock bolts, the HUCK BobTail® is designed without a pin-tail, meaning that no uncoated pin-break is needed. Using the newly-developed, compact, semi-automatic setting tools, the lock bolts are set in only two seconds – almost twice as fast as competing products.


  • Various materials and versions are available


  • Assembly tools included in range


Huck tool systems

Huck® tool systems

A wide selection of Huck® installation systems is available. The most popular systems in the range are presented here. These are the basic requirements for assembly tools for Huck® fasteners:

  • Installation equipment – either pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Pulling head – must be the right one for the fastener and the setting tool
  • HK 432 hydraulic power rig – for powering all the hydraulic tools in the range
  • Additional hose set – may be necessary in some cases to connect the hydraulic tools to the HK 432 unit
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