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3M® products for trade and industry

3M has been highly successful for years in various fields with adhesive tapes and liquid adhesives as well as with grinding and protection products.


  • High-tenacity joints which last for years
  • A globally-recognised brand
  • Products for the entire range of industry

3M® Bonding, grinding, protecting and more

Double-sided adhesive tapes

Today, 3M® VHB adhesive tapes are used in the widest imaginable range of markets such as railway and commercial vehicles, electronics, commercial signage, windows and doors, household appliances, the building and avionics industries and in furniture manufacture.


  • 100 % closed-cell acrylate adhesive
  • ·offers excellent matching features to the surfaces to be bonded
  • make bonding possible without tension
  • is resistant to temperature fluctuations, weathering, solvents and UV-radiation
  • has a very high immediate bonding capability

Single-sided adhesive tapes

The range of possible applications for single-sided adhesive tapes is wide: holding, fixing, splicing, protecting, covering, sealing and marking among them. The particular application will dictate which of the many carrier materials should be used. 3M® single-sided adhesive tapes are available with carrier materials of paper, polyester, metal, polyurethane, fabric, cellulose acetate / cellophane and PVC.

2-component adhesives

The 3M® structural adhesives achieve high structural tenacity on such different materials as metals, glass, ceramics, wood and technical plastics as well as elastomers. Epoxy-resin adhesives are characterised by their very high tenacity and resistance to chemicals. Acrylate adhesives by contrast have a short working time and develop a strong bond speedily, reaching a high level of tenacity on many plastics, including low-energy plastics and elastomers. Finally, polyurethane adhesives are flexible and have good impact resistance, being especially suitable for bonding plastics and wood.

Grinding systems

3M® grinding systems offer developments and innovations for complex tasks and everyday applications in trade and industry.
All over the world, users of grinding equipment are faced with all manner of different problems; what they all have in common however is their wish to improve quality, to reduce throughput times and to reduce production costs.
The widely-varied and innovative product range for surface finishing offers you the perfect solution for all your applications.

Safety at work

The aim of 3M® is to offer maximum protection to people at work and to make their working environment as safe as humanly possible. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of working and personal protection solutions, 3M® offers you premium products in original 3M® quality: for more safety, comfort and productivity!

 Product categories:

  • eye protection
  • respiratory protection
  • hearing protection
  • head- and face-protection
  • protective clothing
  • welding protection
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