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01. What are the opening times of the KVT-Fastening reception at Lagerstrasse 8 in Dietikon?

07:30 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:00

02. Does KVT-Fastening have an annual holiday?

Yes, but only between Christmas and the New Year. It also celebrates the public holidays which apply to Zurich and the region.

03. What charges does KVT-Fastening make for postage and packing?

As a guide, postage charges are at least CHF 8.00. For packing suitable for transport, an additional charge of about CHF 2.50 is made. Please note that according to the weight of the consignment, postage and packing charges may be higher.
As a rule, for orders valued at over CHF 1,200.00, no charge is made for carriage.

04. How are orders delivered?

Under a gross weight of 60 kg, your order will be dispatched by Schweizer Post (A-Post). Consignments weighing 61 kg or more will be delivered by road within 24 hours, direct to the address you specify.

05. How long will it be before I receive the articles ordered?

When an order is received, online or per post, by 16:00 and we have the item(s) in stock, your order will normally be dispatched the very same day. For urgent orders which reach us after 16:00, we ask for telephonic notification.

06. Does KVT-Fastening have a minimum order quantity?

Unless otherwise agreed, from June 1, 2014 all orders with a value of less than CHF 100.- will attract a handling charge of CHF 20.-.

07. Do you have field representatives? Who is responsible for me?

Yes, KVT-Fastening have field representatives. Please contact Frau Widmer on tel. +41 44 743 33 30 / for further information.


The quality and process of our customer care is described as Solutioneering. Customers are offered advice and guidance by our indoor staff and field representatives based on our specific knowledge and experience. 
This enables efficient and reliable solutions to be generated, even when the problems are complicated.

09. Do you also offer product training?

Yes, various types of product training are offered. The training subjects and dates can be found under the following link:

10. What can I do if I haven't found an answer to my questions in these FAQ’s?

In this case, our sales staff will be pleased to offer you advice either by telephone or at your premises, to help you select the optimum solution for your needs. 
You will be taken direct to the contact data via this link.