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German RepRap X1000

Industrial large volume 3D printer

The X1000 comes with a large printing volume of 480L and a design that meets the highest standards for industrial applications. The solid steel frame and an overall weight of 400 kg in combination with additional security features allow precise industrial manufacturing of single large volume components as well as serial production of full batches in one printing job.  

  • Massive building chamber: 1000 x 800 x 600 mm(X/Y/Z)
  • High process reliability
  • Additional security features
  • Network capability (ethernet) 
> Technical Data X1000

Filament monitoring

The filament monitoring system improves the printing process significantly. It continuously tracks the movement of the filament and pauses the print job before the printer runs out of material. This allows an easy handling of large print
jobs that consume more than one spool of filament.

Ceramic printing plate
The heated ceramic printing plate optimizes the adhesion between object and printing plate which also improves the overall part accuracy. The high-quality ceramic withstands temperatures of 400 °C without deformation.

DD3 extruder technology

The X1000 comes with the latest DD3 extruder which is optimized foreasy material-handling. The printing head can be equipped with a wide range of different nozzles and diameters allowing one to find the best set up for each material and application. The variable contact pressure serves for a constant material feed.
Dual Extruder X1000

Full process control

The printer can be controlled either via touch screen or ethernet network connection. This allows a remote control of all printer operations and with an optional webcam surveillance of the print via tablet, smartphone or computer. The included software for the preparation of the print jobs allows to modify all relevant process parameters. Material-relevant settings are provided by German RepRap. Optimize your settings for each design to reduce printing time and waste of material!

Additional security features

Additional security features allow continuous and precise operation in industrial environment including a door-lock system, emergency stop, a separate control cabinet and an optional CO2-fire extinguishing system.

Maintenance and Service

The X1000 has proven its reliability in continuous operation and is the best choice for industrial applications. We offer a full service package through our worldwide network of certified partners. This includes the on-side installation service as well as additional software trainings and maintenance contracts.

Simplify3D Software

One integrated software suite contains everything you need to print high quality parts. Customizable settings and advanced processes put the controls into your hands. Support for dual-extruders, multi-part printing and even multiple processes within one part. Included in scope of delivery.
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